Monica DeSalvo is a mixed-media artist and graphic designer living in Arlington, Massachusetts. She received her BFA from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. She has exhibited in the Boston area including Bromfield Gallery, Brookline Arts Center, the Chandler Gallery at Maud Morgan Arts, Fountain Street Gallery, and the Attleboro Arts Museum.


She is an Associate Artist at Fountain Street Gallery SoWa, a member of the Attleboro Arts Museum, and of the Arlington Center for the Arts. 


Monica DeSalvo’s practice is immersed in expressing states of mind. Her recent work explores her late father's dementia, uncovering who he was by untangling his quotes, deciphering his hallucinations, and hanging onto his vivid recollections. Memorabilia that she found after his death seep into her work like a hug, and his surreal phrases serve as titles or points of departure. 


Through this subject matter DeSalvo creates mixed media pieces by manipulating and blending drawing, printmaking, and painting. DeSalvo uses collage freely combining representational and abstract imagery. She deconstructs, reconstructs, repeats and layers striving to both camouflage and distinguish surface and depth, representation and metaphor.

“Hawaiian Lollapalooza,” named after Monica’s father’s fondest hallucination, is the first symbolic piece in this body of work. By sectioning off the composition, a gateway is opened for compartmentalized notions and vivid imagery that accompanied their journey with dementia.